How Does The Root Control Bag System Work?
Trees and shrubs are planted into the Root Control Bag. As the roots of the plant grow, they hit the fuzzy inside fabric of the bag. Importantly, roots do not circle on the fabric as they do against plastic. Instead the root is caught by the fuzzy inner surface of the material. The root penetrates the fabric. The tough fabric, however, prevents the root from expanding. The root is choked or girdled by the fabric. The choking causes the root to lose its apical dominance and lateral branching or pruning occurs inside the bag.

Its all about the Roots. An abundance of fibrous roots with nodules of stored carbohydrates make for a healthy and faster transitioning tree in the final landscape.

There are growth methods that cut off 70%+ of the root structure when harvested.

They say that field grown trees harvested balled-in-burlap and planted go through 3 stages over 3 years;

  1. Sleep the first year, survive with very little growth.
  2. Creep the second year, and grow a little bit
  3. Leap the third year where typical growth rate of the species resumes.

Trees grown with root pruning systems experience much less shock at harvesting, and resume their typical growth patterns very quickly.

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