Downy Serviceberry

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Downy Serviceberry, Amelanchier arborea

From $199 to $349
  • H – 15-25', W – 15-25’, Z – 4-9
  • This tree is an all-season beauty. Early in the spring, beautiful white clusters of blooms set it off against the new green of spring. Vivid red- and gold-hued foliage graces the landscape in the fall. And plump red berries are a favorite of birds in summer. The berries are also popular with the human crowd for pies, preserves and fresh eating. Its year-round interest and smaller size make the downy serviceberry a versatile choice for landscaping.

It’s In The Bag.

A third of the weight of comparable size trees in burlap and wire basket. Very Manageable for the DIY Guy! 
Our trees are planted in Fabric Grow Bags. These bags promote rapid growth and root pruning.