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Tamarack, Larix laricina

From $199 to $349
  • H – 50-80', W – 20-30’, Z – 3
  • Resembles other evergreens, but is a deciduous conifer, that sheds it’s beautiful Golden needles every fall, a contrast to the fall foliage. It commonly grows in swamps and in upland soils. The flaky dark reddish-grey bark of the tamarack tree resembles Black Spruce. The pale green needles are soft and short and grow in brush-like tufts. The cones are fairly small - round, and less than an inch long.

It’s In The Bag.

A third of the weight of comparable size trees in burlap and wire basket. Very Manageable for the DIY Guy! 
Our trees are planted in Fabric Grow Bags. These bags promote rapid growth and root pruning.